Tips when marketing to Baby Boomers

"Tell us the Why, not just the Wow"

Logic rather than magic

What was that about?

There’s a trend today towards messages intended to emote and empathise rather than engage and explain. Sterling understands that older people need reasoned argument to buy.

What have we done?

Sterling has ten top tips for talking to the 50+ market (of course we do) which we're happy to share over a coffee. Get in touch and we'll tell you the other eight.

"Don’t talk down to us about tech."

They’re savvy – they invented IT

"We’re older, but wiser."

They built computers at home when you couldn’t buy them in shops. They even know how to set the clock on the oven. They’re unafraid to experiment. Tim Berners-Lee is 62.

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Sterling owns 'Agenostic' ®

We've registered it with the Patent Office

We even create new words

Where age isn't even an issue because other issues are the primary focus, it's termed Age Agnostic. We thought this was a waste of two letters and a space, so we registered 'Agenostic' as a trademarked word with the Patent Office.

Why Agenostic?